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SII Dry Kilns is pleased to announce that they are now the exclusive representatives for WDE Maspell in North America.


Since 2008, SII has continuously monitored the “thermally modified wood” equipment industry with great interest.  After much research and investigation, today, SII is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Sole Agency Agreement with WDE Maspell to represent the company’s full line of Thermal Modification equipment in the USA.  WDE Maspell has produced wood vacuum dryers since 1962 and Thermo-Vacuum (the combination of vacuum technology and thermal modification to provide higher lumber yield and machinability) equipment since 2011.  WDE Maspell is one of the best known manufacturers of vacuum technology with over 5,000 customers and 91 patents throughout the world.


“We have always been interested in the thermal modification of wood products and the combination of elevated temperatures in a vacuum state is very exciting. Not only does WDE Maspell bring this new technology to our line of offerings but their extensive experience with lumber drying is an absolute bonus. Quite honestly, we do not know of another company in the world with more experience in vacuum technology than WDE Maspell. SII's primary business has always been and will continue to be the design and manufacturing of the finest conventional dry kilns available.  With that said, we also believe that it is our responsibility to promote environmentally responsible and chemical free technology to create value added solid wood products. WDE Maspell is the perfect partner for SII to bring this technology to the U.S. market.” - Dan Mathews, Chairman of SII Dry Kilns


  The association of SII and WDE Maspell, combines the best available Thermal Modification technology and equipment with the best customer service and technicians in the USA.  

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