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Down Draft

Design / Construction


  • SII's unique Fan/Heat Exchanger units are a true innovation over the traditional designs of the past. Fans move air at high velocities over coils yielding higher heat output from fin pipe as well as simplifying installaion.


  • Holding capacities range from 250,000 to 1,250,000 bd. ft.


*Recommendations for building construction specifications are available for customers from SII.

Air Flow


  • Flexible side and end baffles ensure that 100% of available air passes through the lumber not around or over.


  • Retractable aluminum "venetian syle" baffles (1 high/ 1 low) create elevated static pressures forcing better airflow through upper packs, improving top to bottom drying consistency.

Vent / Humidification System


  • Roof mounted up-blast exhaust fans with and insulated side wall intake vents are constructed of 100% aluminum for corrosion resistance.


Heating System


  • Multiple zones for heat and humidity control.



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