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Design / Construction


  • All aluminum structures with aluminum or 304 stainless steel insulated wall panels are designed for your local wind and snow loads.

*Meets local building codes


  • All roofs are constructed with 304 stainless steel insulated panels. *Corrosion resistant


  • Exterior wall and roof insulation panels are "ship lapped" design and are "open backed" to utilize passive ventilation which keeps insulation dry (factory installed insulation guarantees quality)

*Maintain insulation values


  • Building insulation values ranging from R-22 to R-34.

*Saves heating energy


  • Fan decks constructed of 0.050" aluminum for safe maintenance access.

*Safe / sturdy floor to walk on


  • Manually opened R-Lok non-bolted 3" thick R-20+ doors.

*Simple operation


  • Hydraulically opened 5" thick corrugated exterior skins with R-24 rating.

*Allows for 1 man operation


  • Aluminum corrugated or standing seam roofing with no vents or penetrations in roof.

*Eliminate roof leaks


  • All roof slopes are 1/12 pitch exceeding any other kiln manufacturer's design.

*Eliminates ponding roof water


  • Roof mounted Air-Foil passive ventilators move dry ambient air across roof insulation to keep it dry.

*Maintains insulation values

Vent / Humidification Systems


  • SII offers vents in several styles to meet various drying requirements, passive on/off pneumatic, electric modulating, or powered vents with either pneumatic or electric actuators.

*Provides greater flexibility


  • Passive or powered vents located in front and rear walls (not roofs) provide better operation and visibility from the ground.

*Helps keep vents working properly


  • Conditioning steam spray or our "EMC Mistifyer" cool water spray systems utilize stainless steel spray manifolds to eliminate rust stained lumber.


  • Insulated and gasketed vent bodies and lids.

*Minimize condensation and corrosion


  • "EMC Mistifyer" high pressure (800-1200 psi) cool water spray system.

*Saves boiler chemicals and steam

Air Flow


  • Heavy duty fan truss with motor mounts on fan housings forward for easy maintenance.


  • Aluminum baffles (horizontal and vertical) ensure maximum air circulation through the lumber.

*Less by-pass air reduces energy costs


  • Variable pitch "Smithco" fans provide maximum efficiency.

*SII is an authorized SMITHCO distributor


  • Variable speed fan controls provide flexibility for varous species and thicknesses tremendous energy saving.

*ROI in less than 18 months


  • Stationary rear horizontal "rubber" baffles eliminate need to raise or lower rear bafflres.

*Save maintenance expenses for repairs

Heating System


  • Heating exchange coils are constructed of 0.083" stainless tube with aluminum fins utilizing steam, hot water, or thermal oil.

*Longer lasting


  • Modulating heat valves with properly matched "float and thermostatic" traps provide consistent heat and condensate flow.


  • "Heat loss minimization" prevents exhausting heated air during venting cycles which has not yet passed through the lumber.

*Saves heat energy



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