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EMC Mistifyer

SII Dry Kilns introduced the EMC Mistifyer to the lumber industry in 1993.  This innovative technology uses a cool fog produced by a high pressure water pump as an alternative to conventional steam equalization and conditioning.


The EMC Mistifyer can be used with lumber of any species and thickness.  It can be installed in direct fired, conventional steam and dehumidification dry kilns.  The system consists of a series of filters through which tap water is passed, extremely poor quality water may require additional treatment.  The filtered water is delivered at approximately 1000 psi to stainless nozzles placed to give uniform distribution.  Each nozzle produces an ultra-fine spray inside the kiln.


The EMC Mistifyer has several advantages as compared to traditional dry kiln humidification systems.  Since there is no rise in dry bulb temperature during equalization and conditioning with the EMC Mistifyer, these steps usually take less time.  The EMC Mistifyer should not be confused with cool water humidification systems that operate at lower pressures of less than 500 psi.  These high pressures mean that the EMC Mistifyer uses 25 times less water and produces droplets that are 7 times smaller in diameter than low pressure systems.  This small diameter is critical because it means that all droplets will vaporize before striking the lumber.  The EMC Mistifyer also increases the lumber drying capacity of the boiler by conserving steam - steam that can be used to heat additional kilns.  Using the EMC Mistifyer also reduces the loss of expensive boiler chemicals.

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