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Sample Watch

The most widely used and recognized name in "in-kiln weight" control technology.


With SII you get: INNOVATION


Improved Accuracy - Unlike other in-kiln weighing systems, Sample Watch places the sample platforms in the bolster places between packs of drying lumber.  Placing the samples in the packs with "air-flow restricting baffles" assures that each sample will be drying under the same conditions as the lumber.


Reduced Drying Times - Real-time moisture content sensing inside the kiln has the potential to significantly reduce drying times by advancing the schedule as soon as the wood is ready - no more waiting for the operator to get a daily weight on the samples.


Increased Flexibility - The operator may choose to advance the schedule based on changes in the moisture content of a single sample, the average of the wettest half, or the average of all samples.


Speed Up or Slow Down - If the lumber is drying too slowly, conservative and progressive changes in kiln conditions can be automatically made to speed things up.  Conversely, the drying rate can be slowed if the lumber is drying too fast.


Sample Watch can be selected as an option with any SII "Kiln-Dry" series compterized control system.


For more Information contact your regional sales representative at 1-800-545-6379

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