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Dual Path
Continuous Kilns

SII Dry Kilns is an authorized manufacturer of Continuous Dual-Path Kilns (DPK)

Design / Construction


  • Central Chamber utilizes heavy steel structures (primed and coated) with 0.040" aluminum 3" thick R-22 insulation panels.


  • Kiln Extensions utilize Aluminum structures with stainless steel/aluminum 3" thick R-22 insulated panels.

*Outstanding corrosion resistance


  • Corrugated 0.050" aluminum fan deck for safe maintenance access to equipment.

*Safe/ sturdy floor to walk on


  • OSHA approved exterior stairs and walkways for exterior motor access.


  • Steam collection hoods located at each exterior lumber opening are available to

*meet local air quality requiremnts.

Air Flow


  • Air flow capacities up to 1500 FPM (7.6M/sec)


  • Variable pitch "Smithco" fans provide maximum efficiency.

*SII is an authorized SMITHCO distributor


  • Weighted aluminum horizontal and vertical baffles ensure maximum air circulation through the lumber.


Vent / Humidification Systems


  • Insulated roof vents available with on/off pneumatic or modulating electric actuators (used primarily for maintenance shut downs)


  • All humidification needs are satisfied by the natural atmospheric conditions created in each extension.


Heating Systems


  • Conventional (185 F/ 85 C) and high-temperature (250 F/ 120 C) kilns are available for any location.


  • Heat sources are typically high pressure steam, thermal oil or direct fired utilizing natural gas, green or dry biomass fuels.


  • Emergency By-pass systems are provided on all green fuel direct fired systems.

*The best safety feature offered anywhere


  • Bi-metal heat exchange coils in either carbon steel pipe with aluminum fins or stainless steel tube with aluminum fins for steam or thermal oil provide maximum BTU output per unit length.




*Increased production from use of traditional "batch" kilns to Dual Path CDK kilns ranges from 150% to 200% while reducing energy consumption by 20-25% per board foot.

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