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SII Firewood Kiln



  • 45+ years of providing high quality, high performance, unmatched service and support to the Forest Products, and Lumber Industry.

Design / Construction


  • Conventional Dry Kiln construction is a proven design with 1,500+ kilns in operate worldwide.

*Kilns sized to fit your needs


  • Aluminum and Stainless construction is corrosion resistant for building longevity.


  • Overhead fans allow for more motors and fans resulting in higher airflow.


  • Typical Kiln Dimensions (Wider vs. Long and Narrow) results in quicker drying and treating times, as well as easier to load.


  • Sliding or Hinged Doors for easy loading and maximizes your space.


  • Multi use: Dry or Heat Treat: Firewood, Lumber, or Pallets.

Control System


  • Fully automated so you can start the kiln and walk away.

*Automatically shuts off when cycle is done


  • PLC and Computer based software is easy to use with spreadsheet reporting and charts.


  • Core temperature measurement satisfies USDA requirements 160/75.


  • Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb Control allows for better control and multiuse.

Heating System


  • Flexibility for what works best with your business: Gas, Steam, or Hot Water.


  • Modulating Valves or Burners gives you better / tighter control of the heat in the kiln which will insure more consistent drying and maximizes gas usage.

*Saves money on gas


  • Proper System Sizing insures that the system produces the shortest possible cycle times.


  • Indirect or Direct Fired (Gas) flexibility based on the size of the system.


Service After The Sale


  • SII offers a technical support staff comprised of a full electrical department who have collectively over 50 years of dry kiln experience in system design and support.


  • One-Year free technical support by phone, equaling minimal downtime for your system.


  • Majority of replacement parts are available for next day shipping when needed to minimize downtime.

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