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At SII Dry Kilns, we're proud of our superior reputation in the lumber industry. Known for our quality design, manufacturing, installation and service of dry kilns, we are, as we have always been, committed to improving all aspects of drying lumber. Our family owned and operated company began in 1969 as a kiln installation and refurbishing business. Later, when the market demand for end products of a higher quality began to rise, we decided it was time to offer complete lumber drying systems.


Today, we're one of the best known names in the lumber drying industry. SII manufactures conventional package-loaded kilns, single and double track-loaded kilns, various types of fan sheds, as well as multi-zoned predryers. We also manufacture pallet heat treating and firewood kiln equipment that meets all standards by the American Lumber Standard Committee. Through the use of improved technology, innovative products and good, old-fashioned hard work, our network of satisfied customers has grown immensely. We now have over 60 employees at our plant in Lexington, NC and well over 2,000 drying facilities in operation worldwide.


Dan Mathews



Brian Turlington

Vice President 


Ben Mathews

Vice President


Mary Mathews

Inside Part Sales 


Tammy Beck

Inside Sales Associate 


Bob Pope

North Regional Sales


Ken Matthews

South Regional Sales


Jim Higgins

Midwest Regional Sales

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