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SII Design - Cross Flow Predryers



  • Reduced drying times by 30% or more from convential predryers.


  • Maximizes moisture loss in all species. (ex. Red Oak 2%+ per day)


  • Flexible zone sizing for matching load sizes with kiln sizes.


  • Proven "green" energy saving features from SII!

Air Flow


  • The most uniform air flow available by any design or manufacturer.


  • Heavy duty aluminum center fan wall with stacked fans and motors for ground level inspection and easy maintenance.


  • Air speeds up to 400 fpm.


  • Fan frequency drives cut electrical use by up to 90%

(Verified by actual customer studies!)


  • Baffles - flexible horizontal and aluminum vertical ensure maximum air circulation through the lumber.

Heating System


  • The most uniform heat distribution available by any design or manufacturer.


  • Stainless steel coils - stainless tube with aluminum fins.


  • Multi-zoned heat distribution allows larger holding capacity while blowing through less lumber depth before heating.

Humidity Control


  • Sidewall powered vents avoid roof penetrations and work in conjunction with the circulation fans.

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