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MRC Partlow Based-
KD 8000 Series Controller



  • Partlow 7000 controller

  • Dell Dimension computer with Pentium 4 processor (or newer)

  • A & D digital scales

  • Color laserjet printer

  • UPS back-up surge protector




  • Flexible history reports

  • Implosion protection controls

  • Automatic fan speed adjustments

  • Ready-to-go lumber drying schedules

  • User Manager allows for password protection and mulitple user levels

  • User-friendly schedule builder

  • Custom alarms for high heat, low heat, and dry wetbulb wick


Use in conjunction with 8000 series systems available:


  1. 8060 series: Time and Weight based controls

  2. 8550 series: Time/ Weight and Moisture Probes

  3. 8065 series: Time/ Weight and "Sample Watch" in-kiln weighing system

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